What is an edition of a book?What is an edition of a book?

What is an edition of a book?

In publishing, the term edition describes the total number of copies of a publication (books, magazines or newspapers, etc.) printed according to a certain unchanged typesetting template, from which further copies are created after they have been sold and then correspondingly given consecutive numbers such as e.g.

What is the edition of a book?

The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is a unique 10- or 13-digit number that identifies an edition or revision of a book. While a special edition book is usually listed on the cover or copyright page, you can find the ISBN above the barcode.

What is revised edition?

revised edition”. But if someone really has new insights, then they write a new book or a sequel.

Is a reprint a new edition?

A reprint is a new edition of a publication with the text unchanged, whereby the new edition that a text can have within a publishing house must be distinguished from the takeover and publication of the text by another company, which is usually contractually fixed, and from pirated printing, i.e. illegal reprinting …

Is edition the same as edition?

Texts, music and other works are usually edited by publishers and publishers. If the presentation and content of a publication does not differ or differs only slightly from previous editions, it is more likely to be referred to as an edition of a publication.

What is a business administration requirement?

Total of all copies of the edition of a press product that have been sold to end users. It is irrelevant whether these were given for a fee (circulation, sold) or free of charge. also edition, edition, distributed.

What is a newspaper circulation?

Number of copies printed of a newspaper or magazine minus waste.

Is a condition an administrative act?

According to hM, conditions and reservation of conditions are independent administrative acts that also make independent substantive regulations. Nevertheless, these are ancillary provisions, since they refer to the main VA and depend on its existence. No. 4 clarifies this: “being connected with”.

What is a condition administrative act?

Condition. The condition standardized in Section 36 (2) VwVfG is a provision according to which the occurrence or cessation of a benefit or a burden depends on the uncertain occurrence of a future event.

What is a bound administrative act?

Administrative act that an authority must issue if the requirements for this are met, e.g. granting of a building permit. Different: Administrative act at the discretion of the authority.

Are ancillary provisions permissible for discretionary decisions?

generally permissible, since the decision at the authority’s discretion as to whether or not a VA should be issued also includes the power to make the issue dependent on the fulfillment of conditions, for example (“Yes, but”). – Ancillary provisions must be factually related to the main provision.

Are ancillary provisions requirements?

In the dogmatics of German administrative law, the condition is an independent ancillary provision to an administrative act (VA), with which the beneficiary of the VA is prescribed an action, toleration or omission.

Are ancillary provisions according to the VwVfG permissible for discretionary decisions?

According to § 36 paragraph 1 VwVfG, an ancillary provision may be issued if it is intended to ensure that the requirements for the issuance of the administrative act applied for are met. This applies if the condition is intended to eliminate circumstances that conflict with the issuing of the administrative act.

When is an ancillary provision unlawful?

Current jurisprudence: Every (genuine) ancillary provision can be contested in isolation, provided it can be separated from the main administrative act. →The annulment of the ancillary provision would only be inadmissible if an unlawful administrative act remained.

When does an ancillary provision exist?

The ancillary provision may run counter to the purpose of the administrative act. If the person concerned has a claim to the administrative act (bound decision), the administrative act may only be provided with an ancillary provision if this is permitted by a legal provision.

What is a content definition?

A determination of content regulates the content and scope of an administrative act, it is almost the administrative act.

What is an isolated legal challenge?

mostly designation for the rescission action against the rejection of an administrative act. Something else only applies if the plaintiff has a special interest in the mere cancellation of the negative administrative act.

Why are there ancillary provisions?

The ancillary provisions of the administrative act are primarily intended to supplement and expand the main content of the administrative act.

What is a conditional proviso?

A reservation of conditions is understood as an announcement by an authority that it may later influence the administrative act by including, amending or supplementing a condition.

When is a VA void?

(1) An administrative act is null and void if it suffers from a particularly serious error and this is evident from a reasonable assessment of all the circumstances under consideration.

What is a Bound Claim?

In the case of a binding decision, the administration must bring about the legal consequences provided for in the law if all the factual requirements are met. So you have no discretion. Bound decisions are always present when it is a mandatory provision.

Can discretion?

Legal binding of the discretion How the authority has to exercise its discretion results from § 40 VwVfG. It states: If the authority is authorized to act at its discretion, it must exercise its discretion in accordance with the purpose of the authorization and comply with the statutory limits of discretion.

What is a multi-level administrative act?

One speaks of a single-stage administrative act (VA) when only one authority is responsible for issuing it. That is the norm. One speaks of a multi-stage administrative act when several authorities are involved in the decree.

What is an administrative act examples?

The administrative act, abbreviated VA, represents a form of action of public administration in German administrative law. Administrative acts are, for example, a building permit, a police eviction or a tax assessment.

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