What is an editorial font?

What is an editorial font?

To explain the term editorial work (also: anthology): In editorial documents, essays by different authors are collected and published on a topic.

What is an anthology?

Anthology – definition & bibliography. An anthology is a book in which texts by different authors are published.

How long does it take for a doctoral thesis?

How long does a doctorate take on average? According to the doctoral regulations of many universities, a dissertation should be written within three years. However, this period of time is no more than a rough guideline and is exceeded in most cases.

How long does the correction of a doctoral thesis take?

Most legal doctoral theses are corrected within a few months. However, it is a grievance that cannot be ignored that some doctoral candidates have to wait well over a year, sometimes over two years, for their work to be corrected.

How extensive is a doctoral thesis?

Especially in the humanities, dissertations can be between 150 and 400 pages, so a doctorate can take up to four years. There, a dissertation can also have the length of 30 pages, it is usually written alongside the work.

What do you need to write a doctoral thesis?

The answer from the universities is clearly defined: In order to do a doctorate, you have to have completed your studies: master’s, diploma, state examination. If this achievement is fulfilled, the graduate chooses a topic on which he wants to write his doctoral thesis.

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