What is an exam?

What is an exam?

A written exam (pedagogy) refers to a written examination that is usually written under supervision at the same time as other participants over a specified period of time.

What is a school assignment?

School assignment stands: in Bavaria for a written examination, see class work rsp. Written exam (exam) in the rest of Germany for a task that is done in school.

What is a retreat in politics?

In a closed conference, certain topics are discussed either together or in groups, often under the guidance of a moderator, which as a rule relate to the participants’ working environment and should not initially be published.

What is a works council retreat?

What is a closed meeting? As part of a closed meeting, the works council takes time to reflect on its previous work and to draw up a plan for the coming months or the next legislature.

How long do the results of the state law exams take?

How long it will / can take for the grades to be announced should be stated in the information sheet on the summons. Basically, I can say from experience that unfortunately it usually takes five months to get the grades.

How long does the oral oral exam take?

The time frame. The exam takes about 45 minutes in each of the three areas of law.

How long does it take to pass the 2nd state examination?

The average study time is therefore eleven semesters, i.e. around five and a half years. Many law students also use a semester to prepare for the second state examination.

What does 2 state examination mean?

Second state examination The second state examination is the culmination of legal training. If it is passed, you have made it: You are a fully qualified lawyer. But there is still a long way to go – legal training will continue for about two years before the last major hurdle can be overcome.

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