What is an imperial power?

What is an imperial power?

The word “imperialism” comes from Latin. It describes the efforts of states to extend their power far beyond their own national borders.

What is a colonialism simply explained?

This text is about colonialism. The word means: A country conquers territories in another country. Most of the time, the conquered land is in another part of the world. And the people there have a different way of life than the conquerors.

Why do you have colonies?

In the 19th century, the great powers of Europe at the time, above all Great Britain, France, Portugal and Spain, founded colonies all over the world because they wanted to become even more powerful. They wanted to bring gold, silver, cotton, tobacco, spices and other raw materials to Europe from foreign regions.

What are the advantages of owning colonies for the colonial powers?

The resources of the respective colony were taken over. They had more land available and expanded. Important goods that were not available at home were exported. Influence and economic power were expanded.

What interests and motives led to colonial rule?

The colonial subjugation of foreign areas was justified and legitimized in different ways. The dominant motives were: – overpopulation, political oppression and religious persecution, which caused many people to emigrate and set up settlement colonies, e.g.

Why was Africa so interesting for the industrialized countries?

European countries were able to get ores, coffee, cocoa and cotton cheaply from Africa and sell their own production there at high prices. It was hoped that the colonies would bring wealth and power.

Why were colonies abandoned?

The decision to decolonize came primarily for economic reasons, because the mother countries could no longer finance their colonies. So the general consensus was that it would be economically more beneficial to withdraw politically from Africa.

When were the colonies abandoned?

The avalanche of decolonization had already begun a decade before the old colonial powers were humiliated in the wake of the Suez Crisis. In August 1947, in August 1947, the former British India gained independence under the attention of the world public.

How did decolonization come about?

Decolonization, the dissolution of Europe’s overseas colonial empires since 1945, after the position of the colonial powers had been weakened by World War II. As a result, independence movements in the colonies with the demand for their own states were given impetus.

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