What is an important reason for a name change?

What is an important reason for a name change?

Change of surname An important reason for changing a surname exists if the applicant’s legitimate interests outweigh other aspects.

How do I notify a name change?

Inform everyone about the change of name. The first step for you should be to the city administration or the registration office of your municipality. Because first you need a new identity card. You also have to change your passport. Your income tax card must also be renewed.

How do I formulate a name change request?

Basically, you don’t have to formulate the name change request yourself. In general, the registry offices offer a form that you only have to fill out … As a rule, it is: registration certificate or identity card, birth certificate, possibly a psychological report or certificate of good conduct.

When to notify the change of name?

A family name must be specified for ALL common children and entered as a deadline no later than one month after the birth. If you are already parents, you can also request a name change for your children after the marriage. For this you also need the child’s birth certificate.

Who has to be informed in the event of a name change?

You must inform the collection agency for the broadcasting fees if you change your name. If you are receiving child benefit, the Family Benefits Office must be informed of your new surname so that you can continue to receive your benefits. Report your new tax class to the tax office.

Who do I have to tell about my name change?

If possible, you should go to your bank / building society / loan company etc. personally and inform them of the new surname. Most banks want a copy of your marriage certificate and a copy of your new ID.

Who do I have to inform about my marriage?

You should inform the following offices about your new surname: banks, credit card companies and building societies, health insurance companies, insurance companies, energy providers, telephone and Internet providers, landlords (possibly subscription service for newspapers with subscription, customer cards, Bahncard, etc.

Who do I have to tell that I got married?

Regardless of whether in a marriage everyone keeps their own surname or one of the partners (usually the wife) takes on the name of the other – going to the residents’ registration office or municipal office is inevitable. If you change your name, you will have to apply for a new passport and identity card.

What if the studbook is gone?

You can do this if the registry is lost. The registry office where you got married keeps what is known as a family registry. All documents relating to your family are stored in this family book. Go to the registry office with your ID and ask for a new registry.

Is there a birth certificate in the stud book?

The parents usually receive a birth certificate with a family record. What a birth certificate must contain and what is recorded is regulated in Paragraph 59 of the Personal Status Act (Paragraph 59 PStG), namely information on the child, the parents and the issuing registry office: the gender of the child. Place and day of birth.

What to do if you’ve lost your birth certificate?

There are no additional costs associated with losing a birth certificate. Birth certificates are lost every day, you can re-apply for a birth certificate at the registry office. If you do not want to go to the registry office in person, you can request this online.

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