What is an informal transfer?

What is an informal transfer?

“An informal referral issued by a contract dentist is considered a treatment ID within the meaning of this contract. The contract doctor bills his services on a self-issued referral slip to which the informal referral from the contract dentist is attached. “

What is not allowed to be written in the purpose of payment?

Purpose: Therefore you should refrain from joking. If you transfer money, you usually write an invoice number or other boring things in the field for the purpose. Jokers like to write something like “weapons-grade plutonium”.

What is the other purpose?

it will look something like this on the recipient’s account statement, whereby the word “intended use” is not there, only the matriculation number that you have entered. This is simply the second line for reference if the first line is not enough. You should include your number and name.

Is the invoice number the intended use?

There is usually an invoice number for each order / delivery process. This refers to the “intended use”. Payments are used / booked for this invoice / to offset this invoice – if it is made.

What is the difference between payment reference and intended use?

The payment reference is the reference to a cause of payment (e.g. an invoice number), the purpose of use can be, for example, as you say “purchase”.

What should I enter in the payment reference?

The “payment reference” is a clear reference of a maximum of 35 characters to the business case still to be paid. Possible characters are: uppercase and lowercase letters AZ, az; Digits 0-9; Spaces, special characters + – ()? /. ,: ‘.

How do you make a transfer at the machine?

Transfer at the ATM To transfer via the machine, you need your EC card, the PIN for this card and of course the recipient’s details. After entering the EC card, you can enter the recipient’s details, the amount and the intended use via the terminal.

How does the payment slip work?

If the creditor has an account with a credit institution, the debtor can pay with a payment slip. The debtor pays the money in cash at the respective financial institution and must also pay a fee. The creditor will then of course have the amount credited to his account.

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