What is care?

What is care?

The care measures include personal hygiene, as well as nutrition and mobility. This care can be taken over by a nursing service or relatives can also take over this task. If care is provided by relatives, the person in need of care is entitled to a care allowance.

What does home care include?

Housekeeping includes all activities required to care for and run the household of a person in need of care when they are no longer able to do it themselves. This usually includes normal tasks of everyday life: Shopping. Cook.

What does home care involve?

“Home care” refers to the care of people in need of care in their home environment, i.e. outside of partially or fully inpatient facilities. Home care enables those in need of care to remain in their home and family environment for as long as possible.

What is home care?

Basic care is part of home nursing. Further components of home care are treatment care and household chores as well as advice for those in need of care and their relatives.

What services are covered by long-term care insurance for home care?

901 euros care allowance per month for home care by relatives, friends or acquaintances. EUR 1,995 per month in-kind care benefits for outpatient care by a professional care service. 2,005 euros per month for inpatient care in a nursing home.

What is care in kind?

One speaks of care benefits in kind when a person in need of care is cared for at home by an outpatient care service. The nursing care fund settles accounts directly with the nursing service. Care, help in the household and so-called home care can be taken over.

What is meant by benefits in kind?

Benefits in kind are benefits that are granted by the social service provider in nature. They consist in making things available with the exception of money, e.g.

What does combined service mean in care?

In order to receive combined services for combined care, you have to make a contract with a care service. The percentage that you receive from the care allowance is calculated from the benefits that are already being claimed from the non-residential care benefits in kind.

What are benefits in kind for long-term care grade 3?

The benefits with care level 3 are extensive and are made up as follows: Care allowance: 545 euros per month (for home care by relatives, friends or acquaintances) Care benefits in kind: 1,298 euros per month (for professional care by an outpatient care service)

Are care benefits in kind deducted from the care allowance?

For example, the person in need of care could only claim 60 percent of the care benefits in kind. In this case, there is an entitlement to proportionate care allowance. The nursing care fund is then obliged to pay the remaining percentage of 40 percent as nursing allowance to the person affected.

What does a nursing service do at nursing level 3?

People in need of care at care level 3 are people who are physically extremely in need and need external support at any time of the day or night. This help is characterized by intensive support, which is available around the clock.

What does relief work include?

What are relief services? Relief and care offers are additional support services for those in need of care and their relatives. Trained volunteers or professional carers take on various tasks for a few hours a month.

Who can calculate the relief amount?

According to ยง 45b SGB XI, all those in need of care (ie from care level 1) who are cared for in their home environment and receive outpatient care insurance benefits can claim a monthly relief amount of 125 euros. This is a total of up to 1,500 euros per year.

Who can provide relief services?

In principle, relief services can only be provided by approved tradespeople such as nursing services, agencies (see above) and then billed directly to the nursing care insurance fund. The best thing to do is to inquire with your care insurance fund today!

What are additional care and relief services?

Additional care and relief services (or the relief amount) are financial assistance from the long-term care insurance fund, which is aimed at all those in need of care and which is paid in addition to the conventional services.

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