What is commercial?

What is commercial?

Today’s meaning Today commerce is considered obsolete for trade, transport and is an economic interest intent on profit, as is the adjective commercial. In contrast, commercial in English has a positive connotation and is interpreted as commercial, economical.

What does commercial use mean?

Commercial use means that the user uses the software in his company (or similar) in order to optimize his work processes and thereby earn money. non-commercial use means that the user uses the software for private purposes.

What does commercial use of images mean?

Images may be used for commercial purposes and modified as desired. It means that an altered image must be released under the same license as the original. For example, a user finds an image with a CC BY license. So he can edit it and use it commercially.

Is a non-profit association commercial?

The economic association resembles the cooperatives. The relevant state authorities are responsible for the approval. An association is generally an association under private law.

Is an organization a club?

Projects and organizations that serve the public good are designated as non-profit. Organizations for non-profit work are usually run as (registered) associations, foundations or non-profit limited liability companies (gGmbH).

When is an association considered founded?

The association is deemed to have been founded when the articles of association are presented at the inaugural meeting and signed by every member of the association. Every club member must be present for this.

When are you a non-profit organization?

Non-profit status is legally defined in Germany in Section 52 (1) AO. It says: “A corporation pursues charitable purposes if its activity is aimed at selflessly promoting the general public in material, intellectual or moral areas. “

Can an association found an association?

If you want to found an association, this is regulated for an ideal association in the BGB (civil code) and in the Associations Act (VereinsG). One of these laws for founding an association states that at least 7 (seven) members must come together.

Can a club become a member of another club?

Answer: If the statutes do not regulate otherwise, this is permissible without any problems. For example, a club can become a member of another club; Associations are a typical example of this. In the same way, an association can also accept a GmbH as a member, for example.

Can a non-profit association refuse members?

Basically no obligation to join In association law, there is basically no right to join the association. The association (or the board) does not have to justify the rejection of an application for membership. He can also simply ignore an application for admission.

Can a club hire someone?

Unless otherwise stated in the articles of association or other circumstances, non-profit organizations such as associations and foundations may employ staff like any other legal entity and must comply with the general wage tax and social security regulations.

Who is allowed to sign contracts in a club?

Who is on the board of a club? The members of the executive board within the meaning of § 26 BGB are authorized to represent the association legally. After the election, they are entered in the register of associations and can, for example, conclude contracts for the association.

How much can a board member earn?

“If members of bodies or special representatives work free of charge or if they receive remuneration for their work that does not exceed EUR 720 per year, they are only liable to the association for damage caused in the performance of their duties in the event of intent or gross negligence”.

How is the board of directors of an association made up?

Normally, with a normal association size of up to 300 members, the board consists of the first chairman and his deputy, as well as a treasurer (treasurer). Further offices should then be considered if necessary in an extended board.

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