What is drafting a report?

What is drafting a report?

An elaboration serves to record the content of a presentation permanently and to give interested listeners the opportunity to read the content again. This is particularly useful if you were unable to be present for the actual presentation, but would still like to find out more about the topic.

What is a written report at a JRC?

The written elaboration forms the basis of a JRC. It must be possible for the subject teacher to easily assign the individual statements, sections or chapters of the GFS to the books, websites or other sources specified in the list of sources.

What goes into an elaboration?

The elaboration usually (per student) has a volume of 15-20 pages and is structured as follows: cover sheet (minimum information: seminar name, topic, processor, supervisor) table of contents. introduction. main part (several chapters) summary. bibliography.

How long does a draft have to be?

However, the length of the draft must not exceed 10 pages. Anything beyond that will not be counted! You should use this structure as a guide when writing your thesis. The boundaries between the individual areas can certainly vary.

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