What is education simply explained?

What is education simply explained?

Education and knowledge This means that a person knows a lot. Education is the entire knowledge of a person. However, the term also refers to the way in which this knowledge is acquired. This can happen through training at school or in an apprenticeship or at university.

What does education mean to me?

Education means “education” in English. This includes everything that has already been mentioned here, be it in the social or school/professional area: language, manners, interest in the environment and what is happening around me, inner attitude.

What is important in education?

Education ultimately serves to improve the quality of life of everyone. It offers underprivileged adults and children the opportunity to escape from poverty. It is therefore an essential tool for the economic, social and cultural development of people around the world.

How is education understood today?

A comprehensive concept of education today goes far beyond knowledge transfer and traditional school lessons, because education means the development of the entire personality, preparation for future stages of life through the use of knowledge and the opportunity for further learning as well as active …

What is meant by the term education?

The concept of education is aimed at intellectual, creative and moral development, which takes place out of reason and freedom and without direct dependence on politics and business. What is meant is not only the process, but also the condition or the result.

What is the difference between education and training?

In the German-speaking discussion, education is generally understood to be purposeless, whereas education is related to user expectations. This distinction is associated with an evaluation, because even colloquially, education is more than training.

What is upbringing and education?

Education is a process of social interaction. “Education” means the support and accompaniment, stimulation and challenge of the educational processes, e.g. B. by parents and educational professionals.

What does education and care mean?

In this variant, upbringing refers to the activities of the professional related to the educational processes of the child. Or 2. In the double term “education and upbringing”, upbringing is part of education for the social aspects of these educational processes.

What is the definition of upbringing?

Parenting is the social interaction between people in which an adult attempts in a planned and goal-oriented manner to develop or strengthen desired behavior in a child, taking into account the child’s needs and personal characteristics.

What is education?

“Upbringing is the pedagogical influence on the development and behavior of adolescents. The term includes both the process and the result of this influence.

What does Brezinka understand by education?

Brezinka understands education as influencing the psychological disposition. The focus is on the totality of mental dispositions, such as abilities, attitudes and attitudes, which have “a relatively permanent willingness to carry out certain experiences or behaviors” 21 .

What does education involve?

Is education necessary? Supervision. This includes: loving; cuddling; to protect; supply reliably; promotion (education). This includes: actively helping the child to understand the world (and thus themselves) better and better. Upbringing.

What are the characteristics of upbringing?

Essential characteristics of education: Targetedness and reflected action. Upbringing wants to consciously and intentionally achieve educational goals, such as maturity. social interaction. social communication. Emotional connection and its meaning.

What makes a good upbringing?

Almost 84 percent think it is important to trust children. In second place is the ability to convey love, safety and security to them. Despite this, good parents do not wrap children in cotton wool, but also teach them clear rules.

What is so important about education?

Nevertheless, there are some basic requirements for a good upbringing. Love for the child is very important. Parents should enjoy raising their children and not see them as a burden. Although parenting is a big responsibility, it can be a lot of fun.

What is indirect education?

Indirect parenting means not directly influencing the child. As happens in free work, the child is given a framework for action by the available Montesori materials.

What shapes people?

A variety of factors, i.e. a colorful mixture of genetic predisposition, origin, childhood experiences and interpersonal relationships, social status and environment, shape personality.

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