What is evidence in a discussion?

What is evidence in a discussion?

In the discussion one argues in writing. An assertion or requirement (thesis) is justified with arguments and facts and proven with examples (including evidence or quotations). In a linear argument, one argues for or against only one thing.

What goes in a discussion?

A discussion is an opinion on a topic or an open question. It is therefore a written form of argumentation. Think about the topic and weigh up reasons and counter-reasons. Try to prove and illustrate your thoughts with examples. 7 days ago

What What is an Antithetical Discussion?

In the antithetical (pro-con) discussion, you first address possible counter-arguments before you then refute them with your arguments and lead the reader to your conclusion. …

What is antithetical?

an|ti|the|tic opposite, contradictory, paradoxical, mutually exclusive, contrary, opposite, contrary, incompatible, incompatible, irreconcilable, dualistic, oppositional, antagonistic, antithetic, polar, not…

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