What is good communication?

What is good communication?

Communication encompasses all human abilities to communicate with others and to understand others. It is the means to exchange messages, wishes, expectations and feelings. In a team meeting, for example, communication takes place differently than in a customer meeting. Each situation has its own rules.

What does good communication do?

Good internal communication has an external effect The more open and friendly people are with one another, the more productively all colleagues work. You will come to work more motivated and less afraid of making mistakes.

What is important for a good conversation?

Good conversations enrich both conversation partners. If you are really interested in the other person, eliminating or thinking away from prejudices is the first important cornerstone for a good basis for conversation. Inner distance to one’s own positions enables a different dynamic in the conversation.

What kind of talks are there?

Sub-forms of conversation are, for example: the meeting, the debate, the dialogue in its various forms: the monologue that is limited in time within a conversation. the argument, the official conversation, the discussion, the chatter, the conversation, the telephone conversation,

Why are the rules of conversation important?

So that everything does not end in chaos, it is important to adhere to certain rules of conversation. In the event of a conflict, this can smooth things over and, if communicated in good time, it can even prevent conflicts.

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