What is Header HTML?

The HTML header> element represents a set of introductory or navigational aids. It can contain a few header elements, but also other elements such as a logo, a search box, etc.

What is the bottom part of a website called?

The footer is the lower part of a website. Located at the bottom of a document or website, this area is used differently by industry and company.

What is the head section of a website?

HTML head – head of the web page. The HTML head contains the metadata (title, meta and base) that provide information about the page, control the display and provide information about the relationships to other files (style, link, script) and HTML pages.

What is the name of the first page of a website?

Homepage usually refers to the first page that is displayed when a web address is called up and from which the other contents of the website can be called up.

What is included in a website?

Designing the start page or homepage is a figurehead, front door, business card, advertising leaflet, decoy and floor plan at the same time. It has to fulfill more functions than any other page and is accessed more often than any other page.

What is a register sheet?

Index sheet (also divider sheet) or index card (also index card) divides file sheets or index cards to make them easier to find. They organize files or index cards into groups and are provided with fixed tabs or movable tabs.

How to use dividers

Separators are mostly perforated sheets of cardboard, the right edge of which protrudes slightly beyond the A4 format. You can crop them yourself so that only the caption box remains. These dividers are primarily used to structure the contents of the folder.

How do you label dividers?

Label each divider on the tab with the names of the customers – make sure they are in alphabetical order – starting with Hausper and ending with Weirach. If you like, you can label the DIN-A4 part with the most important customer data. For example address & telephone number.

What are the tabs called in Excel?

Excel: mark tabs with color Excel can use several worksheets in one file. Each of these sheets can be accessed via a tab at the bottom of the window. You can mark these tabs in color to distinguish them better.

How many tabs can Excel do?

A maximum of 255 spreadsheets is possible.

How many sheets can you do in Excel?

the number of possible worksheets is limited in XL by the available memory. You can set the sheets in a new workbook to 255 by default under Tools – Options – General. However, you can manually add more Tebellen sheets.

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