What is history easily explained?

What is history easily explained?

Everything that happened in the past is part of the story. The word is related to “happen,” as in “something happened.” But this story is different from a story that someone tells to entertain the others.

What is a parabola simply explained German?

The parable (Greek: parabole = parable) is an epic short form that is structured like a parable. Originally, the parables were used to illustrate an idea with the intention of sharing that idea with you, the reader.

What is the difference between short story and parable?

This is fundamentally different with the short story: it “is tied to a specific moment, a specific situation, a central event, while the parable, in accordance with its tendency to abstraction, can dispose of space and time much more freely.” (ibid.)

What is the image plane?

In photography, the image plane is the area in the image space of the optical system of a camera where, by adjusting the distance on the lens, a sharp image of the object in the focal plane is to be produced.

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