What is important for a good application?

What is important for a good application?

The classic elements of the application are the cover letter, the résumé and the application photo. Some companies still insist on this form of application, although many have already switched their application process to online applications (i.e. via the applicant management system or email application).

How big must the line spacing be in an application?

For a cover letter, the line spacing should always be between the MS Word setting “Single” or “Multiple 1.00” and “Multiple 1.15”. If you do not manage to get on a DIN A4 page of cover letter with these settings, you will have to revise the content of your main text.

What is the correct name of this or that on Friday?

We will visit you on Friday, This is a matter of case. The date is in the dative, so from a grammatical point of view it has to be “dem”. Because on that day the meeting takes place.

Is it a preposition again?

Again belongs to the word class of adverbs. It was not until the 17th century that -ie was used to distinguish it from the preposition of the same name. In addition to the meanings mentioned above, the adverb expresses the return to an earlier state: to get well again.

What prepositions are there?

Depending on their meaning in the sentence, we differentiate between different types of prepositions: There are local (place), temporal (time), modal (manner), causal (reason / purpose) and neutral prepositions. One and the same preposition can belong to several types. Example: The tree is in front of the house.

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