What is important for a leader?

What is important for a leader?

Managers have to shape situations and make decisions. The information and interpretations gained must therefore be translated into decisions and actions. Leadership only becomes effective through the implementation of information.

What does a manager expect from employees?

Employees expect their manager to know the area of ​​activity, the competencies, the area of ​​responsibility and the challenges that this poses to the employees.

What expectations of leaders?

To meet this employee expectation, leaders should: Whenever possible, delegate tasks to employees that match their skills (or require skills that employees wish to develop) Ensure that employees always know what their tasks are actually for.

What are my responsibilities as a team leader?

Other team leader responsibilities include: Setting goals for the team. Planning the tasks. Delegating tasks. Team building (forming an effective and efficient group) Motivating employees. Dealing with conflicts. Conducting team meetings. Representing the interests of the team within the organization .

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