What is important to stay healthy?

What is important to stay healthy?

In this article you will find out why these are the most important aspects and how you can do something for your health in each area….The 8 most important rules for a healthy lifeNutrition.Exercise.Friends.Tasks.Rest breaks.Family.Animals.Gratitude.

What foods do you need to survive?

According to the federal government, the following foods belong in your pantry (calculated for a person over a period of 10 days): grain products, bread, potatoes. vegetables, legumes. fruit. drinks. milk, dairy products. fish, meat, eggs. fats, oils. And at will.

What do you need to survive?

However, the most important supply you should stock up on is drinking water. An adult needs at least 1.5 liters of water a day, plus boiling water. Therefore, stock up on sufficient water supplies: at least two liters of drinking water per person per day is recommended as a rule of thumb.

What do you need to survive at home?

These are bread, crispbread, rusks, pasta, rice, potatoes, canned food (beans, peas, mushrooms, as you like), fruit, dried fruit, 3.7 kilograms of milk and milk products (hard cheese), 1.7 kilograms of fish, meat, Eggs (perishable preserves, cans, long-life sausage), 0.5 kilograms of fats and oils and anything else you like…

What does it take to survive 2 weeks?

Medicine chest: first-aid kit, prescribed medication, painkillers, clinical thermometer, anti-diarrhoea. Hygiene items: soap, toothbrush, toilet paper, camping toilet, garbage bags. Fire safety: fire extinguishers, containers for fire buckets, garden hose.

What is suitable as an emergency supply?

Which foods are recommended? The emergency supply should contain storable, everyday foods such as rice or pasta, oil, ready-made sauces, sugar, jam, honey, salt, coffee, hard cheese, etc.

What does it take to survive 10 days?

Stock up on emergency supplies: The shopping list for 10 days20 liters of drinks (water and fruit juices)3.5 kg of grain products, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice.4 kg of vegetables and legumes.2.5 kg of nuts and fruit (canned or storable fresh fruit) 2.6 kg of milk and milk products. 1.5 kg of meat and fish, eggs or

What can you buy in advance?

Stock up on food: These foods last forever and taste good Legumes: Peas, beans, and lentils. Buy lentils and legumes in advance. Pasta, rice and oatmeal. Oatmeal lasts a long time and fills you up. Canned tomatoes. canned fish. Honey. vegetable oil.

Which foods don’t spoil?

With these foods, you can look at it in a relaxed manner, because: They simply never spoil! Salt. You can get salt as a gift when you are born and you can still use it for seasoning when you retire, because the white crystals never spoil. Rice. pasta. Sugar. Honey. maple syrup. cornstarch. Canned goods.

How much stock do you need?

Storage Instructions. A person can go three weeks without food but only four days without liquid. Keep about 14 liters of liquid in stock per person per week.

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