What is important when making a call?

What is important when making a call?

Always friendly and personal. Friendliness is definitely important when making calls. Since the caller can’t see you, it’s especially important that you use your voice and words to put a small smile on the caller’s face. Even if you don’t have much time.

How would you calculate the value of a cow?

Here’s how it works: The economic value of a cow is defined as the difference between the discounted net yield of a specific cow and that of an average cow. If the value is positive, the cow in question should remain on the farm, if it is negative, it should be replaced.

How much does a cow cost per month?

For a dairy cow you currently have to pay an average of 1600 euros. She is then usually two years old, younger animals are considered calves. Only after 24 to 28 months does the cow give birth for the first time and then also give milk.

How much does a cow cost for slaughter?

Cost calculationFee calf 3 months300 €Total rearing costs (age 24 months)2085 €Slaughter, maturation & cutting approx.600 €Total costs beef + slaughtering2685 €Costs per kg slaughter weight10.13 €1 more row

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