What is included under literature?

What is included under literature?

The classic genres of literature are: drama with its genres of tragedy and comedy, etc., epic (narrative texts) with the genres of novel, novella, short story, fairy tale, fable, parable, etc., lyric (poem, ballad, song, elegy, hymn, ode, haiku, etc.).

Is a drama a literary text?

Overview of the literary genres Epic is narrative poetry in verse or prose form. Drama is acting poetry. The drama texts are written in dialogue form and are usually written for the theater.

What are literary and pragmatic texts?

Most texts can be assigned to either literary (fictional) texts or factual (non-fictional, pragmatic) texts. The term “fictional” comes from Latin and means “devised”, “invented”.

What is a pragmatic text?

The term factual text (also called functional text, pragmatic, logical, expository or functional text) is used to describe any text whose intention (intention) is usually to provide facts and (e.g. in the newspaper or other media) to inform about things.

What are the texts?

Written text typesPrivate text types (notes, letters, diaries)Literary text types (fables, short stories, novels, poems)Journalistic text types (messages, reports, reports)Scientific text types (treats, essays, monographs)Didactic text types (school books, instructions, sermons, lectures)

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