What is language and communication?

What is language and communication?

Language is a means of communication, it is not communication itself. Language and communication are closely related, but not the same thing. Because communication is understanding, the exchange of certain meanings and contents by means of a system of signs.

What is communication for me?

The word communication comes from the Latin (“communi – care”) and means “share, communicate, let participate, do together, unite”. Communication is therefore the art of dealing successfully with your employees and your customers, i.e. communicating.

What levels of relationships are there?

Application using the example of the SENDERSPerformance levelI would like to know whether there is still coffee. Self-expression levelI’m thirsty! Relationship levelI could make us a nice, fresh coffee.

What does non-verbal communication include?

Channels of non-verbal communication: posture and body movement (gestures), touch (tactility), spatial distance (interpersonal space) and. vocal characteristics (tone of voice, speaking speed, intonations, pauses, etc.).

What is non-verbal behavior?

For the most part, nonverbal behavior is unconscious. But you can learn to notice it in yourself and others. Then you can also practice it and use it consciously. These non-verbal signals are usually much more convincing than words.

What is the function of non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal signals support what is expressed verbally. You can take over the function of baton signals when speaking and thus z. B. rhythmize, emphasize and underline what is said.

What are the tasks of the body’s non-verbal signals?

Body language is any conscious and unconscious movement of a part or the entire body with which we communicate with the outside world. Non-verbal communication reveals intentions, motives, desires, thoughts and feelings, even if the person expresses something completely different.

Why is non-verbal communication so important?

Non-verbal communication is often more important than the spoken word. Up to 80% of body language is responsible for whether you are considered credible. It is therefore important that you can control your non-verbal behavior and know what it is saying.

What is paraverbal behavior?

This term encompasses the whole spectrum of the voice with which we speak a message. Paraverbal communication includes: the pitch of the voice (high / low, carrying / trembling / croaking) the volume (pleasant / uncomfortably loud / too quiet)

What are the body languages?

Body language includes facial expressions (eyes, facial features, line of sight …), gestures (movement of hands, arms, etc.), voice (pitch, speaking speed, etc.) and posture (while sitting, standing or walking).

How can gestures be?

With the use of gestures, we can, for example, depict objects or situations. We use our hands and feet for this. So you can imitate playing a ball while you are already talking about it.

What gestures are there?

This includes the tone of voice, the pitch of the voice, posture, facial expressions and gestures. The gesture includes all the movements of your body that accompany the conversation. When you speak, you move your hands and arms, sometimes unconsciously, but head movements such as nodding and shaking your head are also part of gestures.

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