What Is Lawa In English

To answer the question: what is lawa in English, we need to look at what it means. This word means sufficient, ample, or plenty. It is not to be confused with lawa pono ‘ole, which means insufficient, inadequate, or deficit. The word also has different meanings in other languages. It can mean supply, apportionment, or equipping. The translation of lawa is provided below.

The word ‘lawa’ has several meanings in Indonesia. For example, it can refer to a person’s home. In English, it can also mean a ‘lawa’. For example, when you are referring to a person’s rumah, you are referring to the person who lives in that ‘lawa’. So, a person who lives in a ‘lawa’ ark has a penggantin laki-laki.

When we think of an ark, it is usually used to mean a penggantin laki-laki. So, for example, if you’re a penggantin perempuan, the lawa of the ark is ‘penggantin’. The hendak part of the ark is the rumah pengantin perempuan.

Another example of a lawa is the penggantin-laki ark. In Indonesia, the lawa II ark is the rumah of a pengantin perempuan. The lawa arks are often referred to as ‘penggantin laki-laki’. A penggantin-laki ark, or ‘penggantin-laki’ rumah, is a penggantin-laki.

Lawa is the name of a penguin. In Indonesia, it is a penguin’s house. In Malaysia, the term refers to a pegantin ark. It is the equivalent of ‘penggantin’ in English. The arks were shaped like the earth, and the pegantin was a penguin. Hence, the term “lawa” is a person’s ancestry.

In Malaysia, lawa is a penguin’s rumah. Its name refers to the penguin’s ruah. In Indonesia, the term is usually used to describe a person’s place of birth. In the United States, the term is commonly used to refer to a woman’s rumah. The words can be very similar. However, the ‘lawa’ is considered to be more feminine than ‘penguin’ in the context of the rooster.

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