What Is Martial Law In Urdu

If you are looking for a definition of Martial Law, you can look up the translation from Urdu into English. You’ll find the word is pronounced as ‘Arzi foji hukumat’ and its Arabic equivalent ‘rDy fwjy hakhuwmat’. There are also many synonyms and idioms for the word.

When it comes to finding out what is martial law in Urdu, Google isn’t your best option. There are a few other sites that offer better translations and alternate spellings of the word. The Official Languages of India Dictionary has multiple meanings and provides alternative words. For example, the term’martial law’ is pronounced ‘rDy fwjy hakhuwmat’ in Urdu.

If you are looking for a translation of martial law in Urdu, you may want to use the Official Languages of India Dictionary. This website will give you a better translation than Google, and it includes a list of synonyms and other words that mean the same thing. The link below will give you a link to this website. Make sure to give it a try. The information you gain will help you decide if martial law in Urdu is right for you.

The definition of martial law in Urdu is ‘rDy fwjy hakhuwmat’. This term is found in the official language of Pakistan and is derived from the Pakistani Constitution. The term “arzi foji hakhuwmat” means the same thing in Urdu as it does in English. It has multiple meanings in both languages and it is an excellent resource when searching for the definition of martial law.

While the English translation of martial law is ‘arzi foji hukumat’, the Urdu equivalent is ‘jng fwjy hukuwmat’. As a result, the meaning of martial law in Urdu can differ from its English counterpart. The words rDy fwjy hakhuwmat and arzi foji hukuwmat are both equivalent.

If you are asking yourself how to say “martial law” in Urdu, you might be confused. The translation in English is ‘jng fwjy hakhuwmat’, but the words are different in Urdu. You can find the translation in English by using the online dictionary’martial law’. This is the word for’martial’ in ‘jwy hukumat’.

A martial law in a country is a government that is imposed by the military. The 18th Amendment abrogated the Constitution of 1956 and was enacted by Iskander Mirza. General Ayub Khan was appointed as the Chief Martial Law Administrator and Aziz Ahmed was appointed as the Secretary General. These terms are similar to’martial law’ in English. It’s not a legal concept in many countries, but they can be used interchangeably.

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