What is material protected writing?

What is material protected writing?

Material-based writing is not writing about texts, but rather the writing of a text as it occurs in life: a manual, a review or criticism, a letter to the editor or a blog. The material consists of different texts or text excerpts.

What is an argumentative text?

The essence of the material-based writing of argumentative texts is to develop a differentiated (content-wise refined) argumentation on controversial or questionable facts / topics. In addition to the argumentative part, your text always contains explanatory and informative parts.

How do you write a formal letter in English?

English SalutationEnglishGermanTo whom it may concernDear Sir or MadamDear Mr / MsSehr dear / rDear John / SarahLiebe / r1 more row

What is the salutation in an English business letter?

For American business letters, the salutation is the same as in English: “Dear Mr Miller” or “Dear Ms Becker”. The greeting is “Sincerely yours”. If the name is unknown, write “Ladies and Gentlemen” or just “Gentlemen” in the salutation or only “Sincerely” in the greeting.

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