What is meant by a cover letter?

What is meant by a cover letter?

The cover letter is the most important document in a job application because it contains your statement to the company being advertised, but it is not part of the application portfolio. The cover letter is available in the application folder if the application is sent by post.

How is a business letter designed?

A business letter is usually written in DIN 5008. It is based on a DIN A4 page, so it can be folded as usual by dividing the page into three and fits perfectly into an elongated envelope that is common for business mail.

Where does the attachment in the letter go?

If there is not enough space on your letterhead for the word “attachment”, set the attachment note at degrees 50 or 125.7 mm from the left edge of the sheet of the same line in which the greeting is written. When you have written the greeting, press the Tab key five or six times on the same line.

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