What is meant by a language level?

What is meant by a language level?

Language levels are varieties of a language that differ from the standard language in terms of a preferred vocabulary, preferred grammatical constructions and modifications of the grammar. the term register denotes a function-specific way of expressing language.

What can you say about the language design?

There are various linguistic means that work with repetitions of letters, words or groups of words. Anaphora repeats one or more words at the beginning of a verse/sentence. In the epiphora, several lines (or stanzas) end with the same word.

What linguistic peculiarities are there?

What are the linguistic means? Allegory. Alliteration. Anaphor. Hyperbole. Metaphor. Oxymoron. Parallelism. Personification.

What does language abnormality mean?

Pronunciation: Individual sounds are replaced (e.g. sch with s, d with g, t with k, k with ch), others are formed incorrectly or not at all. Grammar acquisition: The correct order of the words in the sentence is not correct. There are incomplete or rearranged sentences.

What is a hypotaxis and what is a parataxis?

The subordination in the sentence structure is called hypotaxis. This means that the term hypotaxe describes the subordination of subordinate clauses to main clauses. The opposite of hypotaxis is parataxis. We commonly recognize hypotaxis by the fact that sentences appear very long.

What is the parataxis?

A stylistic device is called a parataxis. The parataxis describes a series of independent clauses, i.e. main clauses. In addition, however, the sequence of words and groups of words can also be considered paratactic.

What are parataxes example?

A parataxis is a string of independent sentences. Independent sentences are constructions that can stand alone, i.e. main clauses. In the case of a paratax, these are separated from one another, for example, with commas, semicolons, dashes or conjunctions.

What is the hypotax?

As a hypotaxis (ancient Greek ὑπό hypo “under” and τάξις táxis “order”) in grammar, the subordination of a subordinate clause to another clause is called (whereby this other clause can be a main clause or itself a subordinate clause).

What is a hypotactic syntax?

The hypotactic sentence structure is characterized by the fact that main clauses are connected with subordinate clauses. The result is long, nested sentences that are linked by conjunctions. Conjunctions are connecting words. You put a subordinate clause in relation to a main clause.

What do you call nested sentences?

[1] A nested sentence is a complex sentence with more than one subordinate clause, whereby the clauses are “nested” with each other. [1] “Sentences that contain only one subordinate clause are called nested clauses if this subordinate clause is in the middle: it is then called a subordinate clause…”

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