What is meant by quoting?

What is meant by quoting?

“To quote someone in court”) is a literal or substantive passage from a text or a reference to a specific passage. Content from other media can also be adopted: there are picture, music and film quotations.

Where does the source have to be?

Verbatim quotations must be in quotation marks, the source must be added directly … Each source reference should consist of at least the following elements: name of the author, title of the work and the year of publication (for printed works) or date of last access (for websites).

Is Google a Source?

Google is the gateway to the digital world. The search engine is no longer used only to answer everyday questions or to reach websites.

How do I cite Google Maps as a source?

Subtitle. URL (access: date). GOOGLE (Ed.) (2009): Google Maps.

Is Google a Medium?

google) or a domain ( Medium: the general category of the source, for example: organic search (organic), paid search with cost-per-click (cpc), web reference (referral). Examples of source / medium are: google / organic, and newsletter9-2014 / email.

What sources are available in Google Analytics?

Possible sources are “google” (the name of a search engine), “” (the name of a referral website), “spring_newsletter” (the name of a newsletter) and “direct” (users who put your URL directly in their browser or bookmarked your website).

What does direct mean in Google Analytics?

Direct actually means entering the URL directly into the browser. With Google Analytics, however, only clicks are shown as “direct” for which there was no other source of origin before the last “direct” entry.

What does Organic Search mean in Google Analytics?

Organic Traffic Analytics automatically recognizes the most used search engines and assigns hits to a website to precisely those sources: Traffic that comes to a website via one of the standard search engines is counted as organic search traffic in the reports.

What is organic search?

The organic search results are the search results on a Search Engine Result Page (SERP for short) that are not paid for, such as the ads of the Google AdWords program, which can be found above or to the right of the SERPs. …

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