What is meant by smart goals?

What is meant by smart goals?

The term is an American abbreviation, and the letters smart stand for: specific, measurable, accepted, realistic and time-bound. So it’s about formulating smart goals with your employees. The goal must also be realistic, i.e. this 10% must be achievable.

What rhymes with games?

What rhymes with spiel?priel.spiel.wühl.kuehl.bühl.stiel.labil.mobil.

What rhymes is?

Rhymes suggested by visitors: can you stop writing stuff that doesn’t even rhyme??? -crap (6062)dist (371)frist (302)forgets (297)bis (258)crap (172)bis (149)buddist (113)piss off (90)optimist (80)63

What rhymes with was?

What rhymes with was?kurde.was.absurde.curve.gurde.schlurfe.erde.würde.

What rhymes with this one?

Rated by visitors as a matching rhyme:visitors (8)journey time (8)rail server (3)ether (3)donuts (3)exercise sheets (3)trouble (2)jars (2)nasty (2)8

What rhymes with has?

What rhymes with hat / rhymes on hat:1-syllable rhymes on hat: Leaf watt matt smooth flat fed up hat.2-syllable rhymes on hat: discount checkmate tea leaf kilowatt cloverleaf workshop vine leaf instead.3-syllable rhymes on hat: info sheet data sheet Petal card sheet Saw blade. Rhymes with four and more syllables on hat: Auto repair shop Special discount.

What rhymes with who?

What rhymes with wer?

What rhymes to find?

What rhymes with found?rinden.machen.linden.winden.binden.minden.blinden.spinden.

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