What is methodology in the bachelor thesis?

What is methodology in the bachelor thesis?

The methodology deals with the procedure of science, i.e. it examines the scientific methodical procedure. With the methodology you describe how you B. proceed specifically in your bachelor thesis or master thesis.

What belongs in the method part of an empirical work?

The method part only appears in the structure of a scientific paper if you are working empirically. This can be, for example, a survey, a content analysis or an experiment. In all cases, the method part serves to ensure the intersubjective verifiability of your investigation.

What are empirical research paradigms?

Fundamental characteristics of quantitative and qualitative oriented research and knowledge methods. In the quantitative research paradigm, based on empirical data, a decision is sought as to whether derivations / predictions from a theory are correct (deductive approach).

What is a research paradigm?

A research paradigm reflects scientific methods and questions and defines consistent and generally accepted views, attitudes, working methods and criteria that determine scientific practice.

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