What is my professional determination test?

What is my professional determination test?

Vocation find test. To find your calling, there is actually no test that will give you a result for your “calling”. However, there are tests that say something about where your strengths lie that you should definitely be able to bring to your job.

How can I become a forester?

If you want to become a forester, you can complete training as a forest technician or forest manager. At the same time, a bachelor’s and / or master’s degree in forestry or forest sciences at a technical college or university is an option.

How much do you earn as a forester?

Salary RevierförsterRegionQ1ØBayern2,859 € 3,194 € Berlin2,405 € 3,187 € Brandenburg1,900 € 2,517 € Bremen2,303 € 3,052 € 13

How much does a forester earn a month?

After you worked as a forester in the senior service for a while, your gross income increases to around € 2,800 ¹ per month. After about 5 years your gross salary increases again to € 2,900 ¹ and after 10 years you can expect an average of € 3,100 ¹ per month.

How can you become a forester?

The forestry master can be taken after two years of professional activity as a forester. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also take a degree in forestry. However, you need the appropriate qualifications, i.e. at least the advanced technical college entrance qualification.

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