What is numismatics?

What is numismatics?

Originally, the word numismatics, which comes from the Greek, meant coin science, i.e. the scientific study of historical monetary systems in every form.

How do we know about the past?

Sources can be differentiated according to their shape. – Written sources: inscriptions on stones and buildings, scrolls, diaries, letters, but also less old newspapers are written sources that give us a lot of information about the past.

How do we know how it used to be?

How do we know what used to be? All knowledge about the past is tied to the existence of testimonies from earlier times. These testimonies from the past are called sources * because knowledge of earlier times flows from them.

Where do you come across history in everyday life?

We encounter history everywhere in our everyday world: in buildings and monuments, in stories by older people, in newspaper articles and exhibitions, in novels and feature films, even in advertising.

Why do you deal with history?

The preoccupation with history should convey something to young people about their origin, the change and development of society, the possibilities of social coexistence and ultimately something about their own identity, so that they can make their own, free decisions in the future …

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