What is primary and secondary wound healing?

What is primary and secondary wound healing?

In wound healing, a distinction can be made between primary wound healing (sanatio per primam intentionem) and secondary wound healing (sanatio per secundam intentionem). Primary wound healing usually occurs in aseptic wounds or fresh injuries.

How long does secondary wound healing take?

Since secondary wound healing can take several weeks to months, the wound is very susceptible to infection.

What is primary wound care?

What does “primary wound care” actually mean? In its simplest form, this includes covering a wound, possibly with wound cleaning and/or disinfection. Means: disinfection and plaster on it!

How to speed up wound healing?

Increased positioning and immobilization of the injured part of the body can also promote wound healing. Other factors that improve wound healing are a good general and nutritional condition, good blood circulation and maintaining body heat in the wound area.

What interferes with wound healing?

Disease-related immunosuppression delays wound healing and increases the risk of wound infections. But other diseases such as connective tissue diseases, diseases of the lymphatic system or a deficit in coagulation factors can also disrupt wound healing.

Which vitamin is good for wound healing?

Vitamins A, C and E, as well as zinc, selenium and copper are particularly relevant for wound healing.

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