What is primary or secondary?

What is primary or secondary?

In the simplest case, primary storage is defined as the storage that is used to host critical systems and data, while secondary storage is the storage that hosts all other data that needs to be recovered to fully recover the environment after a major failure do.

What is considered secondary literature?

Definition of secondary literature Secondary literature describes specialist and non-fiction literature that deals with the original primary literature. An interpretation of a poem by Goethe z. B. is considered secondary literature.

What are secondary sources?

The pair of terms primary source / secondary source refers, among other things, in historical studies to the traditional connection between sources. A secondary source can be used to find out what was in the (possibly lost) primary source.

What does primary disease mean?

The attribute “primary” (meanings: first, primarily, first available, initially, originally) is placed in front of the actual name of the disease in general medical parlance. The term idiopathy is often associated with primary illness.

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