What is prudence?

What is prudence?

Prudence (Greek phrnesis reason, Latin prudentia) is the ability to act appropriately in a specific individual case, taking into account all the factors relevant to the situation, action goals and insights that the acting person can know.

What does phronesis mean?

Phronesis stands for: cleverness (also thinking, reason); an ancient Greek term and philosophical term. Phronesis (journal), a philosophical journal. Phronesis (band), jazz band from London.

What is the difference between intelligence and cunning?

Prudence has something to do with wisdom, it has something to do with intelligence, and it has something to do with cunning, but there are differences. Intelligence is the ability to distinguish, “intellege” means discrimination. On the one hand, cleverness means understanding things and recognizing things.

Is cleverness a noun?

Prudence is a noun.

Is cleverness an adjective?

Clever is the adjective of the noun cleverness.

What does cleverness mean?

Cleverness is prudence and cunning, often especially in business, that is, business acumen.

How do you spell cleverness?

Cleverness, the spelling of this word was changed in 1996 (examples of the new spelling).

How are you Clever?

GrammarSingularPluralNominativeder Kleverdie KleverGenitivedes Kleverder KleverDativedem Kleverden KlevernAccusativeden Kleverdie Klever

How do you write since then?

Overview of the separate and combined spelling of since/since the part of speech spelling conjunction since the adverb since the preposition + article since the conjunction + relative pronoun since the

How do you spell are you at home?

The second person plural of the verb sein is you are. Only when it is a verb do we write it with d.

What does since mean?

‘from a certain time until now’, conj. ‘from the time that sth.

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