What is Psychology Simply Explained?

What is Psychology Simply Explained?

The term “psychology” contains the ancient Greek words “psych” – that means “soul” and “mind” – and “lgos”, which means “teaching” and “science”. Psychology is a science that deals with the world of emotions, perception and behavior of people.

Is psychology a natural science?

Intelligence tests are probably the best-known tool in psychology. Psychologists have been researching intelligence and how it is measured for 100 years, but to this day they do not even agree on what intelligence is.

Are psychologists scientists?

Since the job here is one of the scientific professions, a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or Master of Science (M.Sc.) is required for the profession of psychologist.

Can psychotherapists make diagnoses?

med. or a specialist in psychiatry and are entitled to make diagnoses and to diagnose and treat mental disorders and psychiatric illnesses such as schizophrenia, panic disorders or addictions. They can also prescribe medication for this.

Are psychologists doctors?

Psychiatrists have completed a medical degree and a corresponding specialist training. They are doctors, are allowed to treat patients and prescribe medication. Psychologists are scientists. You have studied psychology and are concerned with the learning and behavior of people.

What is a psychologist not allowed to do?

Psychologists are generally not allowed to prescribe medication because they did not study medicine but psychology, i.e. they are not doctors. It is a bit more complicated with psychotherapists: a “psychological psychotherapist” has studied psychology and is not allowed to prescribe medication.

Can a psychologist issue a certificate?

In particular, this means that psychological psychotherapists cannot perform any drug treatments or issue any medical certificates or certificates of incapacity for work.

Can a psychologist put you on sick leave?

If a psychologist or psychiatrist issues the AU, employees can obtain a sick note from their family doctor for the same period. If the depression is treated in a general clinic, employees can get a neutral AU.

Can qualified psychologists write sick?

Can a psychotherapist take sick leave? So far, psychotherapists are not allowed to certify incapacity for work.

What can I do if I am on sick leave?

Because your employer cannot require you to work as long as you are on sick leave. Only if specific questions arise that only you can answer, your boss may ask you about operational matters.

What can I do while I’m on sick leave?

If the employee feels fit again, he does not have to take full advantage of the sick leave. As long as you do not suffer from a contagious disease, for example, you can also attend a company meeting at your own request and then go straight back home.

Can I go away if I’m on sick leave?

Basically everything is allowed that does not delay or endanger recovery. However, anyone who acts against the doctor’s advice risks a warning or – in the worst case – even termination without notice. This risk could exist if you are bedridden on sick leave and then travel.

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