What is scientific research?

What is scientific research?

Scientific research is a mostly systematic, but also often random search for new knowledge and is usually carried out within narrowly defined scientific disciplines that cast a methodological perspective on a research object.

When does qualitative research make sense?

The goal of qualitative research is to develop new theories or hypotheses on a topic. To do this, you concentrate on a few individual cases. The evaluation is done interpretatively. Quantitative research, on the other hand, aims to test existing theories or hypotheses.

When is qualitative and when is quantitative research?

Qualitative research is always the starting point when looking to identify new problems or opportunities. You can then use this as a basis to conduct more in-depth research later. Quantitative data help you to find the measurements that can be used to confirm and understand the individual problems or opportunities.

When qualitative and when quantitative?

Quantitative methods include measurements, counting, the analysis of statistical data, surveys, tests and structured observations. In the qualitative data collection, detailed, subjective and individual findings about attitudes and actions are determined.

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