What is scientific research?

What is scientific research?

Scientific research is a mostly systematic, but also often random search for new knowledge and is usually carried out within narrowly defined scientific disciplines that cast a methodological perspective on a research object.

What distinguishes research?

In contrast to accidental discovery, research is understood to mean the systematic search for new findings as well as their documentation and publication. The publication takes place predominantly as a scientific work in relevant specialist journals and / or through the presentation at specialist conferences.

What is scientific?

Such statements are called scientific if one can determine the truth value. So those that can be called true or false. It must be possible to derive the statements from existing premises or axioms in a logically correct manner.

Why do you need scientific work?

You have to formulate a research question or a research hypothesis, conduct literature research, sift through countless texts (which from time to time also contradict each other), evaluate these texts in terms of their relevance for your own topic and, if in doubt, read them again carefully, …

How do you go about doing a housework?

The term paper is structured according to a fixed pattern: It consists of an introduction, a main part and a final part with a conclusion / outlook. The formal requirements also include the title page, structure and bibliography. You should definitely stay away from cheating like copy-paste or ghostwriting!

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