What is sleep paralysis?

What is sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis, also known as rigid sleep or sleep paralysis, actually serves to protect us. This is because during REM sleep our skeletal muscles relax, preventing us from making our dreams come true.

What are dreams and what do they mean?

Dream or dreams are the experiences during sleep. The dream is thus a special form of consciousness. While the body, observed from the outside, is largely at rest, the dreamer can experience moving scenes.

What do we dream?

Dreams are sensual experiences during sleep. The topics are linked to real events during the day – the fresher the events are, the more likely they are to be discussed in the dream. Both conflicts and pleasant experiences appear in dreams, but often in completely different contexts.

what if you dream

The basic pattern of the dream is that you are afraid of something and you are running away. If you look at this basic pattern, which describes avoidance behavior, you will find that there is often a connection to current waking life: the fear is not as great as in a dream, but it is still there.

how long can you dream

Dreams in numbersHours that a German sleeps on average per day8.2hours that a person dreams on average per day while sleeping1.5hours that a person dreams in a year547.5hours that a person dreams with a life expectancy of 80 years43,800

When is the dream phase?

After about an hour, we switch to the dream phase for the first time, the so-called REM phase (Rapid Eye Movement), in which the eyes move back and forth quickly under the lids. Dream sleep is mainly used for mental relaxation.

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