What is telemedicine? What is telemedicine?

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a collective term for different types of medical care concepts that have in common the basic approach that medical services of the health care of the population in the areas of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation as well as medical decision-making advice …

What is telediagnostics?

Telediagnostics: With telediagnostics, a disease is detected even though the doctor and patient are not in the same place. Application examples are teledermatology and teleneurology.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine enables German high-performance medicine to be brought to all regions of Germany and the world in real time: A modern, small medical device on site uses the latest technology to transmit vital data as well as high-resolution audio and …

What are the characteristics of good practice?

Your doctor should be technically competent and trustworthy. You want your concerns to be taken seriously and also to feel well looked after by the practice team. However, it is difficult to assess whether a doctor’s practice can actually meet these expectations.

What qualities does a good doctor need to have?

This includes: reliability, honesty and punctuality, precise and careful work, independent work, enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility. The ability and willingness to work together with others (ability to work in a team) and willingness to learn are also hard to imagine today.

What does a general practitioner have to be able to do?

In addition to treating illnesses, the general practitioner specializes in preventive care, such as vaccinations and nutritional advice. He also accompanies patients in their rehabilitation phase after hospital treatment or serious illness.

For which complaints to the family doctor?

The family doctor: mediator between patient and specialist Flu, back pain, high blood pressure or an appointment for an early diagnosis examination: Many people in Germany go to the family doctor first when they have health problems.

Which doctors can work as general practitioners?

In Germany the following are general practitioners: specialists in general medicine, resident specialists in internal medicine, so-called general practitioners, i.e. doctors without specialist certification. Specialists in pediatric and adolescent medicine (formerly pediatrician).

What are the duties of a doctor?

Doctors examine patients, make findings, diagnose diseases, determine therapeutic measures and carry out medical treatments and interventions.

What do you earn as a doctor?

How much do doctors earn in the hospital? Position Average annual salary (gross) Head physician 279,000 euros Senior physician 114,000 euros Specialist 84,000 euros Assistant physician (doctor in further training) 68,000 euros

Can an internist also be a general practitioner?

General practitioner internists work differently Concrete and measurable results from the fact that general practitioners perform important special diagnostic services in higher numbers than general practitioners.

Who can practice as a family doctor?

Anyone wishing to settle down in Germany as a general practitioner (or a doctor with a different specialization) needs to be licensed as a contract doctor from the responsible Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV). Only with this approval is one entitled to treat legally insured patients on an outpatient basis.

What requirements does a doctor have to meet in order to acquire a specialist title?

The prerequisite for entry in the doctor’s register are: a license to practice medicine. the successful completion of general medical training or further training in another specialist area with the authorization to use a corresponding field designation (obtaining the designation as a specialist).

What do you call a doctor’s license?

The health insurance approval or health insurance approval describes the authorization of a doctor, psychotherapist or dentist to account for his services through the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KV) or the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists (KZV).

What is a cash register approval?

The approval for a doctor to take part in statutory health care is referred to as health insurance approval. This entitles the doctor to treat insured persons of the statutory health insurance against payment by the statutory health insurance.

How long can doctors practice for 2019?

New age limit Every tenth doctor will lose his health insurance contract in 2019. On January 1st, an age limit of 70 years for statutory health insurance physicians comes into force. The medical association fears an exacerbation of the shortage of doctors and calls for the rule to be lifted.

When can I get my license to practice revoked?

In addition to medical expertise, a doctor needs the trust of his patients. If he damages public trust in the medical profession, his license to practice medicine can be withdrawn. This also applies if his act has nothing to do with practicing the medical profession.

When can a doctor lose his license?

If it is a serious crime, if it took place over a longer period of time or if the damage is particularly high, the person can thus prove to be unworthy to work as a doctor. The doctor then loses his license. This applies, for example, if he has cheated his own daily sickness allowance insurance.

When does a doctor have to submit his health insurance license?

The approval ends with the death of the contract doctor. According to the regulations of the federal shell contract, the responsible association of statutory health insurance physicians can approve the continuation of the practice of a deceased contract doctor by another doctor for a period of two quarters.

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