What is the best way to start a factual text?

What is the best way to start a factual text?

Write briefly and clearly along a common thread (or your outline) and get the precise and unambiguous information to the point. You should avoid empty phrases or filler sentences in a factual text. Only use foreign words that are part of the general vocabulary, if in doubt, explain them briefly.

What are the characteristics of a factual text?

Factual texts are written in such a way that they inform you neutrally and as precisely as possible. It is primarily about that you can understand a process, an action or an opinion. Texts can fulfill several functions.

What are steps in the table of contents?

Type of text, author, title, place of action, time of action and topic of the text; in addition, the plot is outlined as briefly as possible. The main part of the table of contents summarizes the plot of the text. The steps are shown in the correct chronological order.

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