What is the correct way to set quotation marks?

What is the correct way to set quotation marks?

Quotation marks are most commonly used in reading typography. The following simple rule applies: 99 below, 66 above. Example: The quotation mark at the end of a sentence always comes after the final punctuation mark!

When do I use quotation marks?

The quotation marks stand before and after literal statements or thoughts and text passages. If the direct speech or the quotation is interrupted, the individual parts of the text are put in quotation marks. The successful man is, it says in this book, the average man, focused.

When do words come in quotation marks?

When a closing quotation mark meets a comma, the comma always follows the quotation mark. The following applies in detail: If the accompanying sentence (superordinate sentence) follows or is continued after the text reproduced verbatim, a comma is placed after the closing quotation mark.

When are quotation marks coming?

Rule: If a sentence in quotation marks stands alone, the punctuation marks that close the sentence (period, exclamation mark, question mark) are placed within the quotation marks. Right: “You will learn a lot.” Right: “You have a lot to learn!”

Why are quotation marks called quotation marks?

Those who liked it more pictorially called them “bunny ears”, affectionately “bunny ears” or, zoologically rather incomprehensible, “goose eyes”. None of these terms really caught on. And then came the “goose foot” established by the German poet and writer Jean Paul (1763-1825) in the 19th century.

How to write bold on mobile

Double-tap the text to format. Tap Format and select a formatting option, e.g. B. “Bold”, “Italic” or “Font color”.

How to write bold in discord?

To format bold on Discord messages, add two asterisks (**) to the beginning and end of the message before sending. For example, “** This message is bold **” would result in a message displayed as “This message is bold”.

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