What is the cover sheet for an application?

What is the cover sheet for an application?

Application cover sheet Definition A cover sheet is not a cover sheet in the literal sense. It is not on top of the application folder, but on top of the résumé. The cover letter is at the top of the application folder, then comes the cover sheet, then the résumé and then everything else.

What goes where in the application folder?

With a classic application portfolio, there are certain guidelines for the order of the application documents: cover letter, cover sheet (may or may not), curriculum vitae. Certificates (school / studies / training) Certificates / attestations (e.g. internship and job references.

Does it matter what color the application folder is?

The color of your application portfolio should match the application photo. So make sure that the color of the application folder matches the background color of your application photo. On application folders with a metallic effect, pinstripe optics, gold imprint or similar.

How do I design an application folder correctly?

Application folder: structure and content Letter (on or in the application folder) Cover sheet (optional) Curriculum vitae, attachments with references, certificates and evidence.

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