What is the difference between advanced and advanced training?

What is the difference between advanced and advanced training?

The biggest difference between advanced training and advanced training is that advanced training usually relates to very specific tasks in the current job and is precisely defined in the Vocational Training Act (BBiG). Therefore, further training can be a more flexible educational measure.

What is an advanced training course?

The term advanced training belongs to the sub-area of ​​vocational training and you will come across it whenever you are interested in an additional or a new professional qualification. The subject of advanced training is regulated in Germany by the Vocational Training Act (BBiG).

How is further training counted towards working hours?

Whether training or further education counts as working time depends on whether the employee is commissioned by the employer or not. If, on the other hand, the employee takes further training and attends relevant events at his own request, this does not count as working time.

How many days of further training am I entitled to?

In most countries, workers are entitled to five days of educational leave per year or ten days of educational leave every two years in addition to normal leave. The content of the training does not have to be directly related to the activity performed.

How many days of educational leave am I entitled to?

It is usually five days a year. In some countries like Berlin, ten days at a time can be taken every two years. In Saarland there are six, but the special rule applies here that employees have to sacrifice their free time for half of the educational leave.

How much are you entitled to educational leave?

As a rule, employees are entitled to five days of educational leave per year or ten days in two years.

Is every employee entitled to educational leave?

In principle, almost all employees have the right to take educational leave for themselves. All federal states, with the exception of Bavaria and Saxony, have stipulated by law that employees are entitled to educational leave.

What is recognized as educational leave?

What is allowed in terms of content is the only condition: The further training must be recognized as a measure in your work state. Most of the time, you can take educational leave for work-related and political issues, in some federal states also for personal education or qualification for an honorary position.

Can the employer refuse educational leave?

The boss may refuse educational leave if there are urgent operational or business reasons to the contrary. If an employer rejects the application for educational leave, in most federal states he must justify this in writing within a set deadline.

Who approves educational leave?

Educational leave: rights and obligations of the employer If none of the urgent operational reasons mentioned above exist, the employer is generally obliged to approve the employee’s additional leave.

How do you apply for educational leave from your employer?

Applicants are the individual employees who want to take educational leave. The application is submitted in writing to the employer and must contain all information about the seminar – seminar number, target group, times, learning objectives and content (provided by the training provider).

Are federal civil servants entitled to educational leave?

Legal basis for federal and state civil servants At the federal level there is no legal basis that provides for educational leave for federal civil servants; rather, this is regulated by an ordinance.

Are you entitled to educational leave during your training?

Educational leave is given to employees, home workers and trainees. There are a total of five working days per calendar year for employees and five days for trainees during their training. You submit the relevant application no later than six weeks before the educational leave.

Are teachers entitled to study leave?

Education for all Regardless of the type of employment or the number of hours, every employee is entitled to educational leave. Civil servants must, however, note that special regulations apply to them in some cases; Teachers and professors are also only allowed to take their educational leave during the non-teaching period.

How do I get Bildungsurlaub?

How can I apply for educational leave? The employee should apply to the employer as early as possible (usually at least six weeks before the start of the training event) and notify the planned further training and its period in writing.

Is educational leave deducted from normal leave?

Educational leave may not be deducted from the statutory leave. Further training that is required by the employer is generally considered to be working time, which means that the employee does not have to use up vacation or educational leave.

Can I deduct educational leave from tax?

Educational leave should be used for professional, general or political further education. If the educational measure serves further professional development, the expenses are deductible as business expenses.

How do I apply for educational leave in Lower Saxony?

Applying for educational leave As a rule, the employer needs a copy of the program as well as the certificate of recognition of the course. These documents must be submitted together with an informal application for educational leave. It is recommended to submit the application six to eight weeks before the start of the measure.

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