What is the difference between debate and debate?

What is the difference between debate and debate?

A debate (from French débattre “to strike down”) is a dispute that, in contrast to a discussion, follows formal rules and generally serves to prepare the content of a vote. The subject of a debate can be a factual or a personnel issue.

What does critical mean?

Discuss critically – exert influence The participants in the discussion can take a critical stance on the questions, share their opinion, exchange ideas with other participants, experts and companies and exert influence on socially relevant topics.

What is meant by explain?

Meanings: [1] rewrite something in a teaching way. Words related to meaning: [1] execute, describe, illuminate, explain, paraphrase, convey.

How can you argue convincingly?

10 tips for better arguments and more persuasiveness Argumentation tip 1: Make the topic relevant. Argumentation tip 2: The thesis must be clear and precise. Argumentation tip 3: Justify the thesis with facts. Argumentation tip 4: The deeper the reason, the better.

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