What is the difference between DR and Professor?

What is the difference between DR and Professor?

In contrast to a doctorate, a professor is not an academic degree. Instead, it is an academic title that the holder of a professorship can hold. Every chair holder is a professor, but not every professor also has a chair.

What’s higher than professor?

Highest academic degree If there is more than one academic degree or title, only the highest one is used for the sake of simplicity: The professor thus wins the doctorate.

What makes a good lecturer?

There are three requirements for being a good lecturer. You are familiar with two of them: good technical knowledge and didactic-methodical ability and skill. The third prerequisite is correct behavior, dealing with the participants in a spirit of partnership.

What is a seminar in the university?

A seminar serves as an in-depth discussion of a topic. As a rule, a seminar builds on a previously attended lecture or a proseminar. As a rule, seminars are held by qualified lecturers.

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