What is the difference between renovieren and sanieren?

What is the difference between renovieren and sanieren?

In contrast to renovation or modernization, renovation is about the removal of mostly minor visual defects. These cosmetic repairs are not absolutely necessary, but help to improve living quality and comfort. Renovation can usually be described as beautifying a house or apartment.

What counts as renovation?

In the building industry, renovation is understood to be the structural and technical restoration or modernization of one or more floors or an entire structure or several structures in order to remove damage and / or to increase the standard of living. First and foremost, it is about maintaining the value of the building fabric.

What does renovation involve?

What are cosmetic repairs? What needs to be renovated is what normal living wears down over time and can be remedied with paint, wallpaper and plaster. This includes: painting and wallpapering walls and ceilings.

When is a renovation worthwhile?

As a rule of thumb, you should calculate at least half of the purchase price for the renovation of the old building. In the post-war period in particular, there was a lot of cheap construction in Germany. For example, there is often rubble and brick chippings in the walls.

When is it worth renovating a house?

When is it worth buying and renovating a house? Basically, buying an old house is only worthwhile if the renovation still costs less than a new building. Some houses are so dilapidated that they have to be completely demolished and rebuilt.

Which modernization measures are useful?

“First insulate, then a new heating” is the rule of thumb for energy-efficient modernizations. Some renovation measures have priority, such as well-insulated walls, tight windows, an insulated roof or the basement ceiling, because they offer great energy-saving opportunities.

Which renovation measures are worthwhile?

Cost-benefit comparison of individual renovations …. Note state funding. Renovation Program Funding New WindowsKfW 43010% of the total costs (subsidy) New heating (oil and gas) KfW 43015% of the total costs (subsidy) Pellet heatingBAFA Biomass from 3,000 € Heat pumpBAFA Heat pumpfrom 1,300 – 4,000 € 3 •

What counts when modernizing a house?

This includes, for example, a thorough renovation of the facade, the replacement of windows, a new covering of the roof or the renewal of the house installations. A necessary renovation offers the best opportunity for modernization measures.

What are the modernization costs?

The landlord may transfer 8 percent of the modernization costs incurred to the annual rent … Example calculation for a modernization levy.Monthly rent before modernization € 800 for 100 sqm (annual rent € 9,600) Costs of modernization € 10,000, of which 8% € 800 new annual rent € 10,400 new monthly rent866 , 67 € 2

Which modernization costs can be passed on to the tenant?

According to the BGB, landlords are allowed to pass on a maximum of 11% of the modernization costs to the tenants per year. However, they are only allowed to allocate those costs that have arisen from the construction work. Public subsidies, loan interest and savings on maintenance costs must be deducted.

Is a new kitchen a modernization?

Replacing an old fitted kitchen with a new one does not count as modernization. If a fitted kitchen is installed for the first time, this represents a modernization measure (increase of the living value). If the outer wall is thermally insulated, it is modernized.

Is bathroom renovation a modernization?

If extensive repairs are to be carried out or serious damage is to be repaired, it is a matter of renovation. Bathroom renovations restore your bathroom to its original state. When talking about modernization, the goal is to bring your sanitary facility up to date.

Can tenants request bathroom renovation?

If you are planning a bathroom renovation in a rented apartment, this must always be discussed with your landlord. In principle, tenants do not have the right to renovate the bathroom in a rented apartment – however, it often happens that they do it on their own.

Is the landlord obliged to renovate the bathroom?

According to German tenancy law, you as a tenant have no legal right to renovation of your bathroom, unless you are severely restricted in your use. Specifically, this means: the landlord has to take care of a defective shower or toilet, but not unsightly, slightly worn tiles.

Can the landlord pass on the costs of new heating to the tenant?

According to tenancy law for heating, the tenant must put up with the modernization. In addition, the landlord can pass on up to eleven percent of the financial expense to the tenant. If this affects several tenants, the costs must be divided accordingly.

Who pays when the heating is broken?

Maintenance costs for the heating can be passed on to the tenants. If the heating or gas boiler is defective and repairs are due, this is the responsibility of the landlord and not the tenant. You pay the rent so that the apartment meets the promised features.

Who bears the costs for heating ventilation?

When the radiators have to be vented, a company comes along and they also fill up the water at the same time. I have not yet received an invoice Basically, the tenant has to register the necessary work with the landlord. The contract partner of the property management company is you and not the tenant.

Who pays heating repair costs?

Regular maintenance of a thermal bath belonging to the landlord by a specialist must always be arranged by the landlord. However, the tenant often bears the costs for this. For example, landlords can usually pass the maintenance costs on to the tenant as operating costs.

Who has to pay for broken faucet?

The faucet in the bathroom is loose, there are cracks in the sink: it is up to the landlord to arrange for the repairs and to bear the costs. The situation is different if the tenant has caused the damage – then he has to pay himself. The landlord is responsible for repairs to floor tiles in the bathroom.

Who is responsible for venting the heating?

Homeowners and tenants can carry out small repairs themselves. For example, when there is air in the radiators. The ventilation is not just a matter for the landlord, explains the German Tenants’ Association. If necessary, tenants can vent their heating themselves.

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