What is the easiest way to equip my car with daytime running lights?

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A simple solution is to retrofit the automatic lighting control, which has been common in cars for Scandinavian countries for decades. The low beam lights up when the ignition is switched on. If you want special daytime running lights, you should take some from well-known headlight or lamp manufacturers. It is important that they are approved. You can see that from the test mark, an E in a circle. Unfortunately, many of the lights on offer do not have such approval. When installing and connecting, be sure to follow the assembly instructions! The distances from the edges of the vehicle and from the road are important. And don’t just connect the lights to the parking lights! This is forbidden and will be objected to by the TÜV. Incidentally, good daytime running lights are not only available in LED technology, but also with special, energy-saving halogen lamps.


Daytime running lights are primarily in demand with LED technology. Here one from Osram, where the individual LEDs are not visible. Image: Osram

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