What is the edition of a book?

What is the edition of a book?

In the publishing industry, the term edition refers to the total number of copies of a publication (books, magazines or newspapers, etc.) printed according to a certain unchanged set template.

What does revised edition mean?

The simplest case: the book was printed in a too small edition, it is out of print, there is still demand, so it is reprinted – often also by eliminating old errors or correcting outdated information. This can then also be noted in the imprint: “revised edition”.

What does the ISBN number say?

A 3-digit code that identifies the country of manufacture of the related EAN (European / International Article Number). In the case of the ISBN, however, it uses the sequence 978 to exceptionally define the product group, namely “book”. That is why the term “land of books” is often jokingly referred to as –978.

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