What is the first thing in the constitution?

What is the first thing in the constitution?

(1) Human dignity is inviolable. To respect and protect them is the obligation of all state power. (2) The German people are therefore committed to inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every human community, of peace and justice in the world.

Why does human dignity come first?

The protection of human dignity enshrined in Art. 1 I GG is not without reason the first priority of the Basic Law. Rather, the protection of human dignity has such a prominent role and importance that it is the overarching statement about all fundamental rights and has an indirect effect on them.

What is the supreme law in Germany?

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany. The articles of the Basic Law take precedence over all other German legal norms. The basic state system and value decisions are laid down in them.

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