What is the format of a book page?

What is the format of a book page?

A classic standard page has 30 lines with 60 characters. If you fill an entire DIN A4 page, this results in 1800 characters (including spaces). The definition dates back to the typewriter age. In practice, however, hardly a page is filled from top to bottom with said 1800 characters.

What is paperback format?

A paperback – in today’s parlance – is a small-format, handy book with a flexible cover without a dust jacket in a perfect binding (brochure), which is published at a relatively low price in often large editions. Paperbacks are also often published in thematically open series.

How big is a book?

The following book formats are available as standard: 12.0 cm x 19.0 cm (standard paperback) 14.8 cm x 21.0 cm (DIN A5) 17.0 cm x 22.0 cm (standard specialist book)

When is a book available in paperback?

Usually, the paperback comes out about a year after the hardback. No, there really is no rule. Any publisher can do that as they wish. Some bring out the TB edition after half a year, others wait almost 2 years.

Is a paperback abridged?

No, they are not shortened, but the writing is often smaller, the paper is thinner and the margins are narrower. Paperbacks are not abridged.

What is the difference between hardback and paperback?

Purchase a hardback if you plan to read the book as soon as it is published. Most books are first published in hardcover and then re-released in paperback a few months later to fuel the market.

Why only hardcover and paperback?

In addition, the hardcover as the first edition also bears the editing, typesetting and correction or translation costs (if you do not make a mixed calculation immediately). If the work later appears as a paperback, the text is either printed out slightly smaller or with a narrower margin.

How long does it take to go from hardcover to paperback?

As a rule, a paperback is now published 6 months after the bound edition!

When hardcover than paperback?

Paperback books that have a soft cover are referred to as softcovers. Hardcovers are considered to be of particularly high quality, followed by softcovers, and the paperback brings up the rear.

What is a paperback edition?

Paperback is generally used to describe a book that has a soft, flexible cover. The English term for this is softcover. It is thus clearly distinguished from the bound book, which always has a hard cover, which is why it is also called a hardcover.

What is meant by type of book?

The word “genre” is French and means “type”, eg book type, film type. You probably know some genres such as fantasy, children’s books, crime thrillers, at least from hearing them.

What is the difference between bound and paperback?

A hardcover book is one with a hard cover made of cardboard or cardboard. The binding is not flexible. Hardcovers are more expensive than paperbacks and are mostly used for first editions. In English, bound books are referred to as hardcovers.

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