What is the function of an enumeration?

What is the function of an enumeration?

The enumeratio is a stylistic device of rhetoric and describes a type of enumeration. In addition, a list can have a decelerating effect and thus extend the time of a text or speech and make it appear longer. Furthermore, the stylistic device can have a reinforcing effect.

What does an asyndeton do?

Basically, the asyndeton is an enumeration. Enumerations can summarize an event and have a reinforcing effect. In contrast to other stylistic figures, the list does not follow a generic term. As a result, asyndeta are disordered and sometimes seem irrational or, in some texts, chaotic.

Why are rhetorical devices used?

Stylistic devices (also called rhetorical figures/means or stylistic figures) help to make speeches, essays, etc. more lively and interesting. Above all, they also help to keep the attention of the readers/listeners.

Why are comparisons used?

The comparison is a rhetorical device used in works of all literary genres. Comparisons are usually introduced with the words as and how and can serve as an illustration in rhetoric and reinforce a train of thought or describe an object in more detail.

What does metaphorical mean in German?

The adjective metaphorical means that a phrase is used in a figurative sense and is therefore used figuratively and that something uses metaphors, such as a text or a speech and is therefore characterized by the use of the stylistic figure. The metaphor is a stylistic device.

What exactly is a metaphor?

A metaphor (ancient Greek μεταφορά metaphorá “transference”) is a “linguistic expression (especially used as a stylistic device) in which a word (a group of words) is transferred from its actual context of meaning to another without a direct comparison establishing the relationship between signifiers …

What is a parable in German?

The parable (Greek: parabole = parable) is an epic short form that is structured like a parable. Originally, the parables were used to illustrate an idea with the intention of sharing that idea with you, the reader.

What is a figurative?

meanings: [1] in relation to word meanings: metaphorical, figurative, figurative. [2] graphically, represented by figures. [1] When saying that a statement carries more weight than someone else’s, the word weight here has a figurative meaning.

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